Mercy Home Children Spend a day out

Our children from Mercy Home went out for a picnic and all had a great time.  it was games, swings, snacks and lots of open spaces for them to play.  Here are some pics of the day.


Semkarai Kurumbas hamlet: A photo Tour

Semkarai, also known as Indira Nagar, is a small hamlet with traditional Kurumbas huts situated below Dolphin’s Nose view point in Nilgiris.  It is home to about 7 tribal families who are earning a living working in the nearby tea estates.  A few children from this village attend the Muthere School which is supported by Umeed.  Our brief photo survey of the village was cut short by the onset on heavy rains and a friendly caution by the villagers of Indian Gaur (Bison) movement in the area

A Photo tour of Marikod Karumba Village – home to several students from Muthere School

Marikod hamlet is home to 6 Kurumbas families whose children attend the Muthere Primary School.  It is a steep walk down from the school and we are told that the village was shifted here some time back due to excessive elephant movement in that area.  We found out that due to the construction of a tourist resort the elephants had to change their regular migratory routes and were forced to go by the Kurumbas village.  Man-animal conflict is widespread in the Nilgiris and here was a clear example of what causes it.  Enjoy the brief photo tour.

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